Milia Treatment Cream

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The Solution to treating and removing Your Milia.  Fast and effective with exceptional results.  Treating and removing Milia has never been so easy.

Developed to treat all aspects and forms of Milia.  Cerobio ® milia treatment cream has been formulated by a team of dermatologists, bringing you the peak of treatments for Milia. Its fast, effective and gentle, with added ingredients to help your skin recover and getting your complexion back to normal.  Say goodbye to your milia and get the number 1 dedicated treatment for Milia, delivered direct to your home. Surprisingly affordable and delivered to you anywhere in the world for free.

Weight 10 oz
Dimensions 10 × 60 × 55 cm

20 reviews for Milia Treatment Cream

  1. J Murray

    Thank you for getting rid of these lumps. They were driving me mad.

  2. M Clifford

    Best money ive spent in a long while. ive wasted a lot of money trying all sorts to remove my milia spots. Applied this every night and they have now gone. I have a lot left ive they ever come back, but as of now, my skins glowing. Healthy skin, happy me.

  3. Allan Mackenzee

    I doin’t have enough fingers for the amount of things Ive tried to get rid of this milia. Even the local dermatologist said its of no concern so to leave it be. Thats all well and good as he hasn’t got it on his face.
    Finally this worked. Just applied it and they went. Cant comment on if they will come back, but its the first thing to have actually removed them and there’s no lumps where they used to be, so i can’t complain. 5 Stars

  4. C Demartino

    I have had this for years behind my ears. Very easy to use, obviously, its a cream. Rub it on every night, clean it off after an hr and the Milia just fades away over time. The next day after using it, the patch of milia got smaller. My husband says he can’t see any thing there any more. Thank you very much, from a very happy customer.

  5. Marsha Eivernesse

    Writing a review to say try it. I did and its worked for me. Turned up in the post with easy application guide, basically apply every night till they are gone. Mine only lasted 3 days and then back to normal skin. Quite weird really as i used this after trying other things and kind of expected it to not work. It does, im glad i bought it. Got lots left in the jar as well.

  6. Arlina Tibe

    I took the plunge after trying so many of the other options that the internet suggests, ( by the way, trust me the natural methods don’t work), it works. I have to say its very easy to use and removed them within 5 days !

  7. Jane Nersese

    Very easy to use and i agree with the other reviewers, give it a try. Its removed the milia and my skin is nice and soft again.

  8. Thomas Fran

    The wife found this stuff after me wasting money on other things that just didn’t do anything. My milia have disappeared, so ill admit, she was right.

  9. J. Besided

    Ive suffered from bouts of milia most of my life and most of it fades away and them comes back within a month. The doctor says im just prone to it. Ive used the removal cream now for a week and even the most stubborn patches have faded away. Very happy with my purchase.

  10. Dominique Zeel

    Thank you 🙂

  11. Jolanda Johana

    Even with my sensitive skin, it removed them. Used it over 5 days and the skin is back to the way it was. Ive had Milia since i gave birth to my son and after trying to steam them out and applying varying natural potions and lotions, this cream turned up on my facebook feed. Glad i bought it 🙂

  12. Louise Pelletier

    Thanks you for your help and you were right, the product works great

  13. Billie Arias

    I love this stuff, use it after taking your make up off and they slowly go away. Its probably the make up causing them, but even if that is the case and they ever com back, there still plenty left in the jar.

  14. Rita Suppen

    I don’t really know why they give you so much, but it does work. Easily worth the price.

  15. Rolanda frerichs

    Entrega rápida y funciona. Ive tenido esta condición de la piel para un montón de años y finalmente dieron vueltas a hacer algo al respecto. Tu crema funcionó y mucho más rápido de lo que pensaba.

  16. Coleman Price

    Had milia on the very corner of my eye. You just stick the cream on and in a few of days it fades away. Can not fault the stuff.

  17. Higgin Baumgart

    I could not afford expensive dermatologist to remove the milia. I used the cream and they are gone. A lot cheaper and better then an expensive doctors bill.

  18. Stephen Partese

    Gave it a whirl, top job, gone.

  19. Elise Dent

    After seeing the state my sisters face has been left in after just trying to root her milia out, im glad to have chose the professional option. Smooth skin and it only took less than a week. Thanks you

  20. Davie Bass

    Ive had milia around where i had my bike accident for years. Its only as it started to go into bigger patches did i decide to get something to remove them. I did a lot of internet research and found a list of things that were either messy or everyone seemed 50/50 if they worked, so i opted for the milia removal cream. Its really easy to use and its got rid of them, so i recommend it. If it worked for my milia patches then i cant see why i won’t work for everyone. Try it.

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