Milia Treatment And Removal

Find out about what milia is and the best way to remove your Milia at home.

Milia Removal Cream

Making treating and removing your Milia easy and gentle.  Designed by our dermatological team, we can now offer you a treatment for milia that is affordable and is fantastic at removing Milia, as well as keeping it from returning.

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Milia Treatment & Removal

We aim to help you understand Milia. Giving you a definitive description of this common skin condition. We will help you understand what Milia actually is and what causes it. We will also give you advice on what is the best Milia removal methods.

Milia is a complicated skin condition, with its central core being made of Keratin. Examining the various variants of Milia with pictures and facts, this site will both inform you and give you the best advice on treatment and removal of Milia.

Finally, you can be Milia free.

Understanding About Milia

Here we will help you understand the various forms of milia and the medical classifications that they break down into.  Including images for easy identification of the forms of Milia.

Explaining What Causes Milia

Help and advice on what causes Milia.  With this knowledge you can keep your milia at bay.  Milia can be present through hormonal changes, inherited auto immune disorders and more.

Treatment and Removal Of Milia

Here we will explain more about Cerobio Milia removal cream and expand on why and how it is so effective. Designed specifically to treat Milia, if you have Milia, this will remove them.

Primary Milia

Newborn Milia

Secondary Milia

Milia Removal Cream.

The easy solution to removing Milia

Cerobio ® Milia removal cream is specifically designed to be easy to use and is formulated to be gentle on your skin. Order today and get fast shipping anywhere in the world. 

Types Of Milia

There are two types of main Milia, Primary Milia & Secondary Milia

Keratin Cysts

Milia are hаrd, whitе, keratin-filled суѕtѕ thаt fоrm just undеr the skin

Primary Milia

Milia is connected via strands to the actual root sheath of the hair follicle.

Secondary Milia

Secondary Milia originates from the skins eccrine connective tissues.

Sub Category Milia

There are many other sub class Milia from Milia en Plaques to Newborn Milia.

Dedicated Treatment

Cerobio ® offers the best Milia removal Cream available for delivery Worldwide.


Fantastic Results

Can’t thank you enough, finally got rid of my persistent Milia. Thanks for the advice and also the fast delivery, i was pleasantly surprised at how quick the cream came.

Teresa Huble, TX

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